Work Hard & Be Nice to People

Between Superstorm Sandy and Super Tuesday, Americans have had a lot on their minds over the past few weeks.  Now more than ever, we are looking for direction and calm. At Heartwork we use these opportunities to not only pause and count our blessings but also look for inspiration. We are not ashamed to admit that we’ve found some across the pond from our pal, Anthony Burrill, who has summed it up perfectly. Get ready. It’s just this simple:  Work Hard and Be Nice to People. I mean, what could be more American that that? 


Given the current state of the economy, the polarization of domestic politics and shaky international footing, we suggest this as our new national motto for the next four years. “E pluribus unum” is wonderful but how many Americans are fluent in Latin? Where Churchill’s Britain had “Keep Calm and Carry On”, we now have our own clear, simple mantra that speaks to today’s times. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a kindergartner, or even, a politician, you can understand and appreciate it. 

For those of you that aren't familiar with Anthony Burrill's work, his witty typographic messages and designs have been showcased by cultural, social and commercial clients around the globe, including Wallpaper magazine, The London Underground, The Economist and the French super store Colette just to name a few. We highly recommend checking out his website and don't miss taking a look at the Made by Hand video below. Traditional print-making is not only alive and well but also very, very beautiful.  Hat's off Anthony.

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