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We appreciate the simple, elegant application of color. One red accent color in a sea of neutral finishes, allows the chairs, lamp and other details to pop.

Color While You Work

Color is important. Whether or not you are conscious of it, it effects how you feel in your space. Most people shy away from picking colors for the work space because it is an intimidating process and they don’t want to pick the wrong one. That’s why Heartwork collaborated with color genius Laura Guido-Clark of LGC Design [] to develop six exclusive colors that would enhance any office space. Here, Laura tells us all about what went into creating the Heartwork shade of Mint, which just may be our favorite. (Please don’t tell red.)

That’s So Mint: Why We Love the Color

Since we began working on Heartwork, we have been discussing what we had long noticed as a general void of color in the office. For some reason, most options for office interiors and furniture fall into the Grey, Beige or Putty bucket.  While color in other interior environments such as residential and hospitality has long been celebrated, for some reason the office has been completely “neutralized”. We are not sure who decided that Beige was the color of productivity or success but we disagree and are advocating for change. At Heartwork, we believe color is a right, not a privilege -- and, one that should be exercised more often. 

The Dog Days Are Over


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