Sure, your office may look cool, but is it ergonomically correct? Ergonomics often get the short shrift when you’re planning out your workspace but they are extremely important for your health and productivity. We interviewed world-renown ergonomics expert Alan Hedge, a Cornell University professor who’s frequently asked to weigh in on the whole sitting vs. standing at the workplace debate. Hedge gave us some great tips about how to make the daily grind more comfortable, plus the scoop on some very cool gadgets.

Sit Down, Stand Up: Tips from Ergonomics Expert Alan Hedge

Cupcakes are enough of a treat by themselves, but customers who enter the Sprinkles stores in Los Angeles and New York experience a sweet visual feast too. Leave it to Vienna-born Andrea Lenardin Madden and LA-based architecture, branding, and packaging design studio, alm project, to turn a trip for cupcakes into a lesson on award-winning design. There’s also a lot to learn from alm project’s studio space, so we asked Andrea how her workplace fosters creativity and communication.

Sprinkles of Creativity in the Office: Interview with Andrea Lenardin Madden

In the competitive world of tech, companies need offices that look really cool to attract top talent. But they also need offices with functional design so that they can get the most out of those talented employees by providing them with the kind of workspace that fosters productivity. Boor Bridges Architecture ( , a San Francisco-based practice whose clients include StumbleUpon ( , Dropbox ( and Stripe ( , is familiar with the challenges of designing for the tech biz. Principals Seth Boor and Bonnie Bridges give us the inside scoop, plus useful tips for those who are setting up an office without the help of a design professional.

Design for Cool Tech Companies: Interview With Boor Bridges Architecture

We at Heartwork think every really great workspace has a good dose of moxie. Moxie is more than just spirit, it has an element of courage and determinism which every small business owner, entrepreneur and artist needs. Most important, moxie is personal just like any good workspace should be. Here are just a few examples that have inspired us lately....

Does Your Office Have Moxie? How Cool is Your Office?


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